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Who can see and contact me?
Whom do I want to see and maybe contact ?
Who can see my album's + photos ?

People + Faces - ideal for ...

All, who are member in different communities, having maybe very different topics and contents. Because of this very different contents it can be extremly important that members of coomunity A do not know/see that I am also member of community B. Example: I am member in a pure business community but I am also member of a "Party-Community".

All www.-communities and groups who do not have an own app. We don´t care if your community is small, having only some hundreds member or what topics/contents you have, but: The "NO GOs" are described below.

What are "communities" for us ?

Generally, we only accept www communities which are real member-communities and have own web address (URL)  like www.xyz1234.com

What we will reject ?

Our admins review every proposed community. Submitted, but not allowed Communties will be blocked and cannot be suggested again. A small text will indicate this rejection at a further attempt to submit it. We reject any communities that have illegal content / topics, including to the right / left  radical, glorifying war and other content that we reject.

Further, we reject sites with member-login  with the following features:

Web directories, sub-domain URLs, sales portals, self-marketing pages with logins members, review sites,

Who can propose + submit a community ?

Everyone - the best is you propose the communities in which you are a member  - perhaps already listed here ? Check it. If not - suggest it and check under "I added..." the current processing status. Once it is online you should publish it in your community through appropriate postings to members to inform them that your community now listed  in
People + Faces and ready to use, means you now have an "own" app for the community and members.

Do I have to "prove" my membership in a community?

No - right now it is (yet) not possible to prove someones memberships in communities. It is therefore important to know that it is always just "claimed" memberships.

Protection from Harassment

Women especially want to protect themselves from harassments. With the visibility settings you can control which groups of people you see on the Google map at all and thus can contacts. Similarly, members of which (m / f - age group) communities can see you in Google-map and contact you. These settings can be changed at any time . Of course you can also block annoying app users. Thus, a maximum protection is given. But - of course we do not know whether the information some user has made upon activation of the app is true and correct. So be always careful with new contacts. All iPhone users have stored theire UDID with Apple. In  extreme cases, stalking or sexual harassment, please contact abuse@yg-web-n-app.com. Give User Name / gender / age + country and describe the incident.




In the upper right corner is the sign to edit your profile. Here you can change your informations and profile picture. After every change you have to click the "Update" for the changes to apply - important!

Status message

Your can set your status message visible to all (or hide). It will appear in your profile and the first 40 letters of it upon click on your little thumbnail in Map.


Who has visited your profile? A very important question - because we are curious, right?


Click here for your albums. Add new albums and define who is allowed to see these albums. These preferences you can change at any time by clicking on the small symbol (hammer + chisel) to change the visibility-filters. Within each album you can also control who can see the individual photos. Changes> hammer + chisel. There are, as always, the following filters:

All (depending on the setting of age / sex ALL users can access this album. So - becareful with your photos )

Friends (all friends have accesses to this album  without age / sex filter. Friends are friends ...)

Communities (in "My community-list" are all www-communities that you have imported from the category / sub category lists in your list. Here you can now determine which community members (with age / sex-filter) are allowed to see your album and pictures within the album. Of course you can also unlock an album for several communities.)

Photo Sharing

Cool, you can send your photos to other users, send them via email or upload directly to your facebook account. Your facebook name is not visible to others.

My Bookmarks

All members, or photos that you have saved are listed here.


Here are your friends listed and you reach through this page to your friend requests management.

Block users

As in real life you can prevent other users from getting you displayed in Map or contacting you. Go to their profile. There you can block them and they will appear in the list. You can write a mail to Blocked users and they are able to reply (only) this particular message. Example: You write "I have blocked for continue bugging" Answer: "I will not do it again, sorry ..." ........ Of course, you can "unblock" any blocked user.

Google map

Here you set, whom do you want to see.

All  (all users who have set theire own visibility to "All" with a match in gender/agroup-filter will be displayed to you in the map)

Friends  (means: You want to see all of your friends)

Communities  ( You can select the Communities (copy of your "favorite-List") and the gender/agegroup you want the matching member of this communities being displayed in the map.)

Your current location is transmitted to the system. IMPORTANT: This your (last) location remains stored in system memory until you click on the blue sign in the top to refresh. Upon refresh your new location is entered into the system. Depending how fast you move you should perform "location-refresh". How often? You sit all the time on the beach or drive in a train?

The Google map - Displaying profiles

All profiles have a frame: blue for male, red for female. Click on the small image and it appears the most important information of the user with a scar of the status message. By clicking on the arrow right you will reach the profile.

Meesages and Co.

Your messaging sytem. Here Inbox, Outbox, and all messages are managed. Cool: You can also record voice messages. Push notification will inform users of incoming messages - if they are offline they get it if they come online again.


All listet web communities are organized into categories and subcategories. Before you drive crazy to find out if a certain community is already listed here - check it using the search "community search by URL". If not listed, select an appropriate category and subcategory for it. In all listings appears at the top right corner the option icon (+) to add any community  to the system. This means you can add also new categories and / or subcategories if you think is reasonable. Your suggestions will be processed. Click the button below "I added..." to check the processing status.

I am visible to ...

You decide who can see you. You can change these settings at any time - they will be effective immediately.

Again, it goes to the well-known settings:

All    (every other user who also want to see "All" and matches your gender/age-group-settings can see and contact you.

Friends   (You can make friends here. You can set your visibility also or only for friends.)

Communities    (Out of the listings sorted by Categories and Subcategories you have to transfer "your" Communities to your "Favorite-List". Upon this you will be asked to edit your visibility - that means that you can define if members of this particular Community are allowed to see / contact you and what gender/age-group what you can change anytime)

A little Example

Members of a biker-community having a long tour in summer. They all set the visibility filter in this way that they see only other member of this particular biker-community in Map. They start the tour. The first who arrives the first stop is checking/ looking where the others are at that moment - the map will show it.

If you have suggestions on this FAQ page please do write to: editorial( - at -) yg-web-n-app.com.

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